Erosion Control & Revegetation

Your Challenge

There are many instances where vegetation simply isn’t an option due to the changing of season or the need to coat ditches or trenches to divert storm water effectively. The challenge of erosion control can get even more complicated and expensive when contaminates are involved such as stock pile containment or radioactive soils.

Our Solution

Posi-Shell® and our other erosion control coatings give engineers the ability to easily dial in durability specifications by adjusting formulations or application thickness. Whether looking to protect ditches, stabilise slopes, cover stockpiles, control siltation, or address any number of erosion and sediment control requirements, nothing can match Posi-Shell®’s performance, cost, design flexibility, or speed of application.

Full line of Erosion Control and Slope Stabilization solutions. With or without vegetation.
LSC offers a full line of Erosion Control and Slope Stabilization Products that can be installed rapidly at any time during the year. Our patented technology, based on our EarthGuard and Posi-Shell science, allows site managers and operators to protect vulnerable areas for months to years.

If seeding isn’t desired initially but is required at a point after our Erosion Control products have been installed, they can all be easily incorporated into the soil substrate and will not hinder future germination or root establishment.

For the strongest Erosion Control and Slope Stabilization Solutions on the market without vegetation choose Posi-Shell.