Posi-CLEAR® dust control

Posi-Clear® eliminates nuisance dust by bonding surface fines into a cohesive layer, therefore delivering long-lasting protection for expansive windswept areas. It also significantly reduces watering frequency on heavily trafficked haul roads. Posi-Clear® is the perfect solution for managers of flyash monofills, industrial waste facilities, solid waste landfills, remediation projects, quarries, and mines. The product is a powdered cellulosic polymer that mixes easily with water and can be integrated into most existing watering protocols. Posi-Clear® is not a liquid or a chloride which makes it environmentally friendly and easy to ship, store, and use.

Posi-Clear® Dust Control is a natural cellulosic polymer that is packaged in convenient 22.7 kg bags. This patent-pending dust palliative arrives in powdered form, is biodegradable, non-toxic, and does not contain chlorides.

Posi-Clear® is simply mixed with water and applied using any standard hydroseeding unit or water truck. When freshly applied the product has a milky appearance, but is virtually invisible when dry. If desired, trace colouring may be added for application tracking.


Application Information

Application categories

Dirt Track Dust

By incorporating Posi-Clear® to minimize the seemingly unavoidable negative side effects of dust at race venues, dirt track promoters are experiencing game-changing results. The product delivers dramatically improved visibility and traction when it penetrates track surfaces and aggregates dust particles enabling longer track and tire life. Additionally, spectators and neighbors alike are spared the dusty film that comes with being at or near the races. The product is easily applied to the track with standard watering equipment. With each successive application, Posi-Clear® ’s performance continues to improve.

Haul Road Dust

Rather than futilely attempting to maintain roads with just water, operators of sites can usePosi-Clear®to give them the ability to focus more of their efforts on revenue generating activities. AddingPosi-Clear® to surfaces that constantly take the grinding traffic of heavy equipment can reduce the application frequency of standard watering programs by60-90%. Posi-Clear® penetrates into the fine particles of would-be dust and bonds them together, thus creating an environmentally friendly coating that easily re-wets and improves with successive applications.

Windblown Dust

Compared to other protocols, Posi-Clear® is an effective and low-cost dust solution that enables managers of industrial waste facilities, remediation projects, quarries, construction sites, and mines to meet air quality and visibility requirements with minimal effort. Posi-Clear® mixes with water and is easily applied creating a thin environmentally safe crust. Due to the concentrated nature of this product, operators are able to cover massive areas using standard watering equipment with minimal product handling or storage.After applicationthe natural appearance of the covered surface remains unchanged.