Water Scarce? Cold Weather? Site Access? No Problem.

Pellet form of top-rated EarthGuard® Fiber Matrix
Now you’ve got the edge. Especially when time, weather, distance and water availability conspire against you. Also, great for manual application on smaller sites when a hydraulic application isn’t cost effective.

Erosion control for sites with limited access and/or low water availability:
Apply Manually — for precise application control, or for small or remote coverage areas — apply by hand.
Apply Mechanically — for larger coverage in remote areas with no access to water — apply using broadcast spreader.
Apply Aerially — fast and cost effective for limited water access areas, including remote sites of any size.
Formulated to completely expand within 1 minute in the presence of rain.
Same great EarthGuard® technology without the water delivery costs.
Can be applied in any weather.
Edge™ is applied in its dry, pellet form. When the site receives its first rainfall, the pellets expand, spreading both the fiber and the EarthGuard® soil stabilizer.

Application Rates

Edge™ meets ECTC Type 5 standards.

edge pellet application rates


Application Information

Application categories

Slope Stabilization

When vegetation is not an option or the seeding season has passed, Posi-Shell® erosion control coatings are the perfect low-cost solution to protect and stabilize slopes. Our long-term coatings are spray-applied and allow engineers or operators to protect acres (hectares) of slope in a single day. The finished coating is durable, as well as textured, therefore slowing water runoff. The final product eliminates erosion, siltation, and, as a result, expensive rework. The product can be designed to last for years with minimal maintenance and is easily tracked into slopes when intermediate protection is no longer necessary.