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Use EarthGuard® and get the highest returns on your investment. This hydraulically applied, patented technology offers highly rated erosion control along with excellent turbidity reduction and promotes quick growth establishment — all with fast, easy applications and a great price.

Two ways to apply. Same great performance.

EarthGuard Fiber Matrix Bale

EarthGuard soil stabilizer and 100% wood fiber mulch combined in one easy to use 50 lb. bale

EarthGuard Liquid 5 Gallon Container

EarthGuard soil stabilizing concentrate — ready to mix on site with the mulch of your choice.

Application Rates

EarthGuard® Liquid can be used for dust control at 10 gallons per acre. EarthGuard® meets ECTC Type 5 standards.

EarthGuard® IN THE FIELD

Application Information

Application categories


Whether the need is for swale lining, slope protection, silt minimization, or final seeding, LSC has the right product to achieve long-term coatings that are quick to apply, aesthetically pleasing, and uniquely customizable to meet specific durability requirements.</p

The video below shows a leachate reduction rain cap on a large Mid-Atlantic landfill. The runoff shown is from a 0.5 inch (12.6 mm) rain event channeling from 9 acres (3.6 hectares) of cover.</p

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Please review our Erosion Control or Vegetation pages to determine the right product for your needs.