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Made in Australia and used around the world. Posi-Shell® is the original and the first choice for alternative landfill waste covers all around the world.

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Waste Cover

Your Challenge

Landfill operational costs are ever increasing. Heavy machinery, fuel and labour costs are continually rising, add to this the cost to build and maintain new landfill cells and it soon becomes clear that landfill airspace needs to be utilised for Waste, not bulky and expensive cover materials.

Our Solution

By utilising Posi-Shell® as a cover material you will save many hours of labour and heavy equipment machine hours, you also enjoy the massive increase in cell life and revenue from increase waste capacity.

Dust Control

Your Challenge

Regardless of whether you manage a large mining operation, run trucks over a haul road, or perhaps operate a dirt track racing venue, dust can be a constant problem. Dust becomes more than just a nuisance when dealing with dangerous particulates that can become health hazards when airborne, such as fly ash or mining waste.

Our Solution

Posi-Clear® eliminates nuisance dust by bonding surface fines into a cohesive layer, therefore delivering long-lasting protection for expansive windswept areas. It also significantly reduces watering frequency on heavily trafficked haul roads. Posi-Clear® is the perfect solution for managers of fly ash monofills, industrial waste facilities, solid waste landfills, remediation projects, quarries, and mines.

Odour Control

Your Challenge

Odours from waste sites can cause problems that go beyond a simple inconvenience. Odours that invade residential areas can cause lawsuits and public relation nightmares along with the related expense of testing solutions for odour containment which may or may not be effective.

Our Solution

Odor-Shell®, a patented, natural clay odour filter infused with neutralisers, adheres to any surface, is effective in wet or cured forms, and can be used in any type of weather condition. Mixed product can be used effectively over several days. Its unique properties enable the use of durability enhancers to achieve coatings that perform for up to a year.

Erosion Control & Revegetation

Your Challenge

There are many instances where vegetation simply isn’t an option due to the changing of season or the need to coat ditches or trenches to divert storm water effectively. The challenge of erosion control can get even more complicated and expensive when contaminates are involved such as stock pile containment or radioactive soils.

Our Solution

Posi-Shell® and our other erosion control coatings give engineers the ability to easily dial in durability specifications by adjusting formulations or application thickness. Whether looking to protect ditches, stabilise slopes, cover stockpiles, control siltation, or address any number of erosion and sediment control requirements, nothing can match Posi-Shell®’s performance, cost, design flexibility, or speed of application.


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